Recently I found myself taking cover on the porch of a shed. I had been working pruning several mature espalier apple trees. And then the heavens opened! At the first sign of rain, I always have two thoughts: can I see my hand in front of my face? If so then I carry on, possibly modifying the tasks I am going to undertake.

It is nice to feel the rain on your face, maybe your head, but once it’s down your back and your socks are wet, it’s hard not to want to go home! I keep a bag of dry, clean clothes in the van. In it is always waterproof trousers, a light waterproof jacket and dry socks-just in case my trusty gardening shoes or wellies spring a leak.

On occasion my customers will call on the day I am to visit and ask if I want to reschedule because it’s raining. But an experienced gardener will know what is possible on a given day.

An experienced gardener has an in-depth knowledge of the gardens that they care for. If there are plants that need to be pruned then that task will likely take precedent over digging and mowing.

It is a widely held belief that mowing a lawn should not be done when it is raining-or even if it has rained at all over the last 24 hours. The logic behind this theory is based on the fact that wet grass can be torn, soaked soil can be compressed by the mower, which won’t look great. However, a light mow and that all important trim around the edges is perfectly acceptable and will make a marked improvement on the overall look of your lawn. Remember to raise the cutting height at this time of year.

When all is said and done, plants need the rain to grow, so it’s hard not to love it!

I hope that this has been helpful.


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