About Charlotte

I founded Cybill and Jones to help people to create their dream gardens. This service could be in the form of a consultation, of regular garden maintenance or of an entire reworking of their outdoor spaces’ planting areas.

I love to talk to homeowners about the possibilities that they hadn’t perhaps realised were an option! People are often surprised that there isn’t a blueprint for the perfect garden planting scheme, but in reality, every garden is different, everyone has different tastes and every homeowner wants different things from their outdoor space.

A Brief History

I grew up in a farmhouse in South Wales where I developed a deep understanding and love of the natural world. The changeable and often harsh weather conditions are particularly stark in a coastal garden and I learned that planting needs to be carefully considered and tailored to the surroundings. Salt air, tumbling walls, lots of rain, wind and wandering sheep all needed to be considered in this particular garden!

My Vision

I believe that a garden should provide the right balance between modern living and the natural world. You might find that the disconnect between your buildings and your green spaces is quite marked and there is no sense of flow or continuity. Addressing this will not only improve the overall appearance but you will make more time, more often to enjoy your rejuvenated areas alone, or with family and friends.

Why Cybill and Jones?

And why is my gardening business named ‘Cybill and Jones’? Cybill is my beloved Weimaraner dog and Jones is my family name. Two very special components I’m sure you will agree!

I look forward to hearing from you about your planting projects

Satisfied Clients

Bryony B

Charlotte is fab. She is very reasonably priced and always goes above and beyond. She’s very sympathetic to what I need and what also works for our garden and is really knowledgeable. She’s also a pleasure to have around. Couldn’t recommend her more!

Sonia S

Charlotte is incredibly knowledgeable about indoor and outdoor plants. She has done a beautiful job in our garden starting with a discussion about what we wanted for the space. She really listened and provided a detailed plan, talking us through what she thought would work based on our criteria.

Amy S

Absolutely love Charlotte, she’s such a passionate, knowledgeable gardener and works really hard. I’m difficult to please with gardeners as I enjoy doing it myself but my garden is too big and I’m working full time. Charlotte is really flexible & has great ideas but also helps to bring my ideas to life.

Audrey Hepburn

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow

Georgia O'Keefe

The garden pleased me enormously

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