Garden Maintenance

Regular quality garden maintenance is an essential part of enabling a garden to thrive. So often, busy lifestyles mean that outdoor spaces quickly become forgotten, once they start to look unkempt then they can become a sore point for the home or and business owner.

We work with you

Gardens don’t have to be maintained weekly. It all depends what is growing in your garden (or what you want to grow there!). Cybill and Jones will visit you to discuss your requirements and to create a care plan that works for you. We don’t mow lawns, but can direct you to some great people who do.

Maintenance made easy

Cybill and Jones can get your spaces back on track. Annuals, perennials, shrubs trees, and pots will all get the care and attention they deserve. And you will get the garden you deserve.

Happy Garden Maintenance Client

Lucy E

Charlotte of Cybill and Jones has cared for my garden since the summer. She is everything you want from a gardener and more as she is so creative and knows so much!

Get in touch to discuss your maintenance requirements

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