Outdoor Pots

Very often, outdoor pots remain in situ either empty or ‘planted’ with very tired shrubs, spent bulbs and old dry soil. Cybill and Jones love container planting and relishes the chance to transform our clients’ pots and planters.

Expert advice

The size, shape, colour of the pot and its location all affect what can be planted. Cybill and Jones are experts in creating luscious pots for year-round colour, texture and interest.

Bespoke design

For a full design and sourcing service all you need to do is email hello@cybillandjones.com with a short description of your needs and we will do the rest, including getting it all delivered to your door with instructions on how to keep your containers looking their best year-round.

Prices start at £25 per pot

For indoor planting services click here.

Happy Outdoor Pots Design Client

Mark J

I had not realised that outdoor plant pots could look good all year round. Charlotte has done a fantastic job designing the planting schemes for the many pots that my wife and I have collected from our travels. Her planting really does them justice.

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