Houseplant Design (or Interior Plant Design) is a surefire way to get the green-terior you have always wanted!

More and more, television programmes and magazines show us quite how stunning a green interior can be. Queer Eye, on Netflix, never fails to deliver; gorgeous plants styled perfectly always form a key part of the interior redesign section of the show!

Time and time again, people have told me that they simply don’t know how to get the exact ‘planty’ look that they want for their homes, offices and garden rooms. Individuals might dip their toe in but often aren’t happy with the final result. 

Here are a few questions I am often asked from my houseplant design clients at our initial meeting;

  • But I kill all my houseplants!
  • How many plants do I need?
  • Which pots fit my style and are right for the plants?
  • Should plants sit on shelves, hang down, or sit on the floor?
  • How do I keep them healthy?
  • Do I need specialist equipment?
  • Will any plants harm my children or pets?
  • Will my plants survive if I go on holiday?

What you can expect from your Houseplant Designer:

A clear line of communication with your Houseplant Designer will not only result in your dream green-terior on the day it is installed, but one that will thrive for years to come.

These three stages are what you can expect from Cybill and Jones.

Initial meeting

A walk through of the spaces you want to green up. Environmental factors such as light, radiators, drafts will all be taken note of by your Houseplant Designer as these will have a direct effect upon the success of your new plant interior.

And an in depth discussion about your aspirations, what inspires you, concerns you may have and of course what resources you have (such as budget and time).

Personal Plant Plan

Your in depth Plan will include room by room specific suggestions for individual plants right up to lavish plantscapes as well as recommendations for excellent suppliers of plants, pots and sundries. And of course details about how to care for the plants you already have, and plan to have! 


Plant Design can take you right up to the installation of plants and pots and delivery of all care products you might need.

Ongoing support

You might like to opt in to ongoing support; At Cybill and Jones you can access a plant support service where you can contact us via email to raise specific questions. An annual fee applies.

Wishing you every success with your green ambitions, please get in touch if you would like to book in your initial meeting. 

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