Garden Planting Design

A successful planting design project will connect you to the living plants in your garden. Your outside will become a thrilling destination throughout the whole year: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Garden transformation

Plants can transform a garden. Planting successfully requires knowledge about how they grow, change and look throughout the seasons. Whether using plants for screening out an undesirable view, adding structure, focal points, height and colour or incorporating a style; cottage, contemporary, Mediterranean, or wildlife friendly. The size and shape of plant beds, raised beds, wonderful pots-all can play a part in a successful garden design.

Tailored to your garden

As plants grow, their shape may change with maturity. Many are dome, pendular, spreading and column shaped. Simplicity, seasonal interest, budget, space, aspect and maintenance must be taken into consideration when planning a planting scheme.

It is important to say that there is no blueprint when it comes to planting. Of course, spaces can have much in common: which aspect they face, the type of soil etc. But beyond these factors, there is more to consider…..

Creating personal spaces

When working with a client on a new design, it is the essential personal factors that will underpin what reconnects them to the natural world.

Whether you require a new planting scheme for all your garden or a small area that needs some rejuvenation, Cybill and Jones can help.

The planting design process from Cybill and Jones follows a clear set of steps.

Read about the process here and get in touch to arrange your consultation.

Happy Garden Planting Design Client

Sonia S

Charlotte has completely transformed our garden. She took lots of time to understand what we wanted to achieve with the space we have and provided a really detailed and beautifully laid out plan. Her genuine excitement about plants, shrubs, trees etc is infectious and it was really fun to have her work on this project.

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