Houseplant Design

Don’t make houseplants an afterthought in your home or workplace. At Cybill and Jones, we promise that once you begin to embrace a green-terior you will never look back!

Design Consultancy

Welcome plants inside your home and they will not only improve the air quality* but also bring an incredibly stylish and evolving living element to your life.

Cybill and Jones can advise you on the perfect plants for your interior spaces.

Enjoy different levels of support to realise your green ambitions: Ranging from an in-person houseplant consultation, to a personalised houseplant design document including invaluable care and styling advice and the full installation of a luscious planterior.

Bookings are being taken now for consultations in 2024. Gift vouchers for houseplant consultancies are available now. Prices begin at £100 for an in person consultation for one room.

Please get in touch for full details.

*See Nasa Air Clean Study – CLICK HERE

Installation of houseplants

A new plant in your home should sit well with your existing style and aesthetic but opportunities online and high street are extensive. But which pot for which plant, for which space?

Plants vary in terms of colour, leaf shape and growing habit. For example, think of the difference between a cactus and a Swiss cheese plant! And pots are available in materials including ceramic, wicker, macramé, metal and recycled plastic. There are also decisions to be made about the location of the pot: on a stand, a side table or hanging. Quite simply, the options can seem endless!

Cybill and Jones offers a sourcing and installation service to help you to realise your houseplant dreams.

Prices upon request.

Happy Houseplant Consultancy Client

Clare M

Cybill and Jones are brilliant! Charlotte reviewed the different areas of my home, listened to how I and my family use them. She quickly identified specific plants suited for different spots that she knew I would love. In my study the plants break up the hard shelving, bring much needed colour and best of all, they need very little maintenance.

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